The ECOTM Solution Liberating trade, improving financial performance


An interest-free credit obligation, fully-backed by investment-grade companies, facilitates the trading of available capacity across our global marketplace.

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The ECO Capacity Exchange Creating value from under-utilised assets

The ECO Capacity Exchange is an alternative global market place of supply and demand where the ECO is the common unit of account for trade.

Trading on the Exchange unlocks a whole range of benefits for business, creating value in new ways and improving financial performance. Use interest-free credit to procure the goods and services most frequently purchased by Fortune 500 companies, retaining cash on your balance sheet. Discover new customers and deliver incremental revenue while improving asset utilisation and ROCE.

The ECO Solution Delivering improved financial performance and competitiveness by:

Turning billions of dollars’ worth of under-utilised assets into new, low cost purchasing power

Enabling access to new demand and incremental revenue in an alternative global marketplace

Reducing financial impact of foreign exchange rate fluctuations, speculation and other negative influences associated with traditional currencies

Creating competitive advantage and preference through ECO acceptance

THE ECO - ENTERPRISE BACKED CREDIT OBLIGATION The heart of our economic innovation

A fully-backed, interest-free credit obligation facilitating trade across the global marketplace.

The ECO is an independently administered, non-monetary unit of exchange that enables companies to create value from their idle assets and abundant capacity.

The ECO is also Sharia Compliant as ECO do not earn any interest, their utility is solely for actual trades. Find out more about Sharia Compliancy below:

The ECO better serves the real economy and those who create growth and prosperity through trade.

The ECO has been designed in collaboration with over 200 noted economists and business leaders and earned the endorsement of the UK and China governments.

Because the ECO facilitates trade without traditional currency, it enables companies in emerging economies to participate in global commerce, wealth creation and social development.

Investment-grade corporations can obtain an interest-free ECO loan from the ECO WORLD ALLIANCE or ECO can be earned by simply selling goods and services directly to other members of the Exchange.

The ECO enables trade of available capacity with anyone, anywhere and is:

  • fully-backed by the real economy assets and credit-worthiness of major corporations
  • less volatile than sovereign currencies as its reference value is pegged against a basket of five currencies
  • less prone to foreign exchange rate fluctuations, speculation and other negative influences associated with traditional currencies
  • A way to differentiate your business and create competitive advantage through the ability to engage in non-monetary trade
  • Sharia-compliant because it’s free of interest

The ECO World Alliance A mutualised private central bank

ECO can be obtained by investment grade corporations via an interest-free ECO loan from the ECOWorld Alliance (EWA).

The EWA is the organisation that issues and backs ECO. A coalition of investment-grade member companies issuing ECO loans backed by their idle or available assets. The EWA also ensures good governance, effective risk analysis and the provision of risk tolerance.

Every ECO is 100% fully-backed

The EWA enables borrowers to answer ‘yes’ to the following questions about the ECO they have borrowed: Can I account for them? Can I spend them? And do I have confidence holding them?

The EWA issues ECO loans on similar terms that companies already offer credit to trading partners – for example offering 90-day interest-free payments. Loan safety and security are bolstered by interest-free loans being approved by the EWA credit committee and only being given out for 12 months at a time. The amount of each loan is based on the financial strength of the borrower and the value of the capacity they have available to sell on the ECO Capacity Exchange.

As every ECO in circulation is always fully backed by investment-grade member companies, the EWA provides a solid governance structure, promoting stability, credibility and ensuring the integrity and liquidity of the ECO.

Credit default insurance and an ECO reserve, created using a percentage of the transaction fee, provides further security. Even in the unlikely event of a default, and a theoretical reduction in the backing of the ECO below 100%, the ECO is still far better backed than any of the world’s sovereign currencies – making the ECO perhaps the world’s most trustworthy medium of exchange.

The ECO Capacity Exchange A global alternative commercial marketplace

Enabling secure ECO-based trade in unused capacity across different industries, and leveraging billions of dollars in latent demand.

Watch the video to see how trades work on the Exchange.

The ECO Capacity Exchange is a secure platform providing investment grade corporations with access to zero-interest financing, new sources of demand and improved financial performance.

The Exchange is an alternative to inefficient trading systems, enabling members to take advantage of truly global commerce without needing to use cash.

It is the mechanism that enables ECO trades, creating an alternative global marketplace where members can trade outside the cash economy.

The Exchange facilitates trade discovery, connecting members who wish to create more value from their assets.

The Exchange is open to anyone who has something to sell, is willing to accept ECO as a means of payment and pay a small trading fee.

After signing the membership agreement to safeguard the integrity of the ECO transaction process, members will find trading on the ECO Capacity Exchange straightforward and uncomplicated, with no disruption to other business processes.

Unlocking potential in Business Capacity as a new source of credit

Leveraging the value of billions of dollars’ worth of idle or available assets.

The world is abundant in capacity because corporations and institutions that wish to grow must build ahead of demand to ensure they have available capacity for future growth. Undeveloped mineral and agricultural resources, underused infrastructure and perishable services such as cargo space, hotel rooms, idle production lines are just a few examples – but the list is almost endless…

In its illiquid form, idle or otherwise available capacity is carried at great cost and in large volumes on the books of most producers and many cash-constrained countries.

Trading this capacity without resorting to cash creates huge opportunities for corporations in developed markets to enhance their financial performance while enabling emerging economies to engage in wealth creation and social development.

Reliable estimates suggest that the total value of idle or available and surplus capacity globally runs into billions of dollars.

Clear benefits


Trustworthy and inclusive

Fully backed by real-world assets

Strong and independent governance


Interest-free credit

Conserve cash for business critical investment

Reduced volatility and anti-inflationary


Generate incremental revenue

Increase market share

Borderless trade

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