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Partnering with ECOTM

The ECOTM solution is the product of the engagement and active support of more than 200 multinational corporations, several governments, agencies of the United Nations and world-class economists.

Our ecosystem of organisations with shared values leverage the enormous latent demand in the trading system and liberate the billions of dollars locked in idle or otherwise available capacity around the world. The ECO solution is a productive route to growth that’s more equitable, less expensive, less volatile and more sustainable.

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Strategic partnerships Be part of an ecosystem worth trillions

Identify and pursue new business opportunities around the globe.

We provide the platform to trade in new ways, raise zero-interest credit and provide access to new markets and new sources of demand. Our partners have the competitive advantage of building core expertise and competencies in ECO trading.

Our strategic partners provide industry knowledge and technical expertise as well as enhancing the credibility of the ECO and the confidence clients place in it as a unit of exchange.

We welcome strategic partnerships with companies and organisations that share our vision, delivering win-win solutions for all, placing emphasis on long-term cooperation and mutual benefit.









Governments A powerful solution for economic development

Reduce trade friction to create jobs, boost investment and increase tax receipts.

Our ability to create interest-free credit from under-utilised capacity offers governments new sources of working capital for procurement programs, resulting in a more efficient use of resources, contributing to job creation and growth of their economies – and we are already in discussion with a number of Governments with surplus capacity across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In emerging and developing countries where tradable capacity is available, economic growth and development can be funded without being constrained by limitations in trade financing or other sources of traditional cash or credit. The ECO Solution can help social and economic development in countries underserved by the current financial system.

Other organisations Trade associations, professional bodies and the United Nations

Through our work with leading professional bodies, trade associations and international development organisations, we promote new and improved methods of trade and the exchange of value to create a positive impact on the performance of their members’ businesses and wider socio-economic benefits.

Supported by noted economists, business leaders and governments, we seek to motivate worldwide changes to current mechanisms of trade and finance that will be more accessible and improve the global economy through better use of the world’s available and often under-utilised capacity.

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