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Jonathan Pardoe

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Jonathan Pardoe worked for Virgin Atlantic for 26 years from 1990 until September 2016 and worked in Treasury and Fuel Procurement overseeing their global exposure. Whilst most of that time was primarily concerned with fuel procurement and fuel hedging he also spent three years overseeing all areas of risk including FX, emissions, investments as well as sustainable fuels. During his career Jonathan worked in Treasury and Management Accounts at Virgin Atlantic, CalAir (a small charter airline) and Rank Hovis McDougal (food manufacturer). However his first job was within National Westminster Bank Plc where his initial treasury experience was gained.

Mr. Pardoe majored in Economics and Mathematics at his local college before going on to take examinations in accountancy and procurement and attending numerous training courses on all aspects of hedging as well as aviation fuel supply and quality and fuel procurement, provided by numerous institutions such as IATA, Invincible Energy, Shell and various other banks, fuel suppliers and fuel traders.

With almost 30 years of aviation and risk management experience, Mr. Pardoe was responsible for creating and running the highly successful Virgin Atlantic hedging policy and overseeing the successful implementation of the RightAngle fuel system designed by SolArc (who are now part of OpenLink). Over these years he developed a small but highly professional and award winning team with nearly 50 years combined experience in hedging and fuel procurement.

Regularly invited during his career by bank and oil companies, as well as internal departments, to explain Virgin Atlantic’s hedging and procurement practices up to CEO levels including a globally broadcast interview with Air BP’s senior management team.

Mr. Pardoe chaired the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) Commercial Fuel Working Group for five years and represented all the visiting airlines on the Hong Kong Management Association for eight years.

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