Economic Advisory Committee Member

Dr. Arthur Laffer

Founder & CEO, Laffer Associates, Author of the “Laffer Curve”

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Dr. Arthur Laffer is a well-known US economist, noted for his creation of the “Laffer Curve”. He is a member of the policy committee and the Board of Directors of the American Council for Capital Formation. Years of experience and success in advising on a governmental level have distinguished Dr. Laffer in the business community.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors of several public companies, including Vivendi Environmental, MasTec Inc. (MTZ), Neff Corp. (NFF), Nicholas-Applegate Growth Equity Fund (NAPGX), and Oxigene Inc. (OXGN). He also sits on the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors of a number of private companies including ProFlowers, eDelights, Interelate, Enverity,, Olympic Healthcare, Direct Stock Market, ValuBond, Sonic Telecom, VirtualCom, Pointivity, US Script and Castle Creek.

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