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Amir Dossal

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Mr. Amir Dossal is the Chairman and Founder of the Global Partnerships Forum, an international platform to address economic and social challenges through innovative partnerships. He is a 25-year veteran of the United Nations. He was Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships, and served as the UN’s Chief Liaison for Partnerships and focal point for the partnership with media mogul Ted Turner to manage the $1 billion gift to the UN. In that capacity, he forged strategic alliances with governments, corporations, foundations, and philanthropists uniting these partners for a common purpose: to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. As the primary interface for the UN Foundation, Mr. Dossal successfully attracted new investments of over $560 million from various donors that supported over 450 international projects for women and children’s health, climate change and bio-diversity.

Mr. Dossal has developed numerous partnerships and secured sizeable social investments from such major names as the American Red Cross, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Rotary International. He also oversaw management of the UN Democracy Fund, which he established in 2005 as an instrument to strengthen democratic institutions and enhance governance in new and restored democracies.

Mr. Dossal is also the Co-Founder of the Pearl Initiative, a CEO-led program, promoting transparency and accountability in the Gulf Region, and is Co-Founder of the Ocean Sanctuary Alliance. In addition, he serves as Commissioner of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. In January 2015, Amir was appointed Special Adviser to the United Nations Global Compact, for Strategic Relationships.

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