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Ala Nuseibeh

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Ala Nuseibeh has several interests in oil and gas corporations dealing with procurement of products and services for national and international oil & gas corporations. He has assisted blue chip corporations in penetrating into the Middle East, which resulted in early successes. Nuseibeh moved into the oil and gas industry after working with his family’s successful construction business in Qatar. As an expert in Middle East oil and gas, Nuseibeh specializes in identifying upstream and downstream oil and gas opportunities, arranging strategic partnerships, and facilitating project financing. Since 2002, Mr. Nuseibeh has been Middle East Director of Baron Oil, which was recently acquired by Sonoran Energy.

His family, know as the Nusaybah clan, are Sunni Muslim and held the keys of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre alongside the Joudeh Al-Goudia family (who were added to the original arrangement in the time of Saladin, the Muslim conqueror who seized the holy city from the Crusaders in 1187. According to tradition, the Nusseibeh family took its name from a female companion or Sahabiyah of the Islamic prophet Muhammad named Nusaybah bint Ka’ab. She was a member of the Ansar who transferred their political power over Medina to Muhammad. Nussaiba fought along with Muhammed in battle and was an early example of women taking leadership roles in Islam.

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