A breakthrough solution that liberates global trade and improves economic & social conditions

Better money

  • Trustworthy and inclusive
  • Interest free and borderless
  • Fully backed by real-economy assets
  • Less volatile and anti-inflationary

Better financial performance

  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Grow market share
  • Conserve cash for critical investment
  • Better asset utilisation

Economic innovation on a global scale

Driving financial performance and competitiveness

Leverage available capacity to create a new source of interest-free credit and competitive advantage.

Introduction to ECOTM A trustworthy, low cost alternative to money

The ECOTM, or Enterprise Backed Credit Obligation, is a trustworthy, efficient and interest free alternative to money.

Every ECO is fully backed by the creditworthiness of major corporations. That means the ECO is less volatile and anti-inflationary, making trade lower risk.

Designed with noted economists, business leaders and governments, the ECO solution is enabled by a robust trade infrastructure and legal architecture that has won a Financial Times award for innovation.  The ECO stimulates new borderless, socially inclusive wealth creation in new and emerging economies.

In short, the ECO is like money, but better.

The ECO World Alliance Governance and Risk Management

The ECOWorld Alliance is a mutualised private bank. It’s a coalition of investment-grade member companies issuing interest-free ECO loans with each ECO backed by productive assets.

THE ECO CAPACITY EXCHANGE A marketplace for efficient and secure ECO-based trade

A global market place where goods and services are discovered, counterparties engage, commercial terms are agreed and trades are concluded using ECO as the medium of exchange.

Benefits of ECO A unique way to improve financial performance and competitiveness

Unlocking billions of dollars in latent trade opportunities

Leverage capacity as a new form of interest-free credit

Lowering cost of procurement through interest-free credit and reduced exposure to speculation and other negative influences

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