Our vision The ECO solution is new, different and powerful

We’ve come a long way to get here, and we’re on a great journey together.

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Our vision Unlocking potential – trillions of dollars of trade and investment

“To improve global socio-economic conditions through better utilisation of the world’s available capacity.”

We do this through a global commercial marketplace using a unique capacity-backed trading credit – ECO – that is like money, but better.

Our mission Establish a new economic framework for the exchange of value that is more fair and inclusive

Leveraging unused capacity to grow business.

We will achieve this by:

  • Organising the world’s available capacity, making it more universally accessible and usable.
  • Establishing the most trustworthy system for the exchange of assets, making commerce easier, more efficient and profitable.
  • Creating a global coalition of stakeholders who cooperate for sustainable development and governance.

Our values Trust and confidence are at the heart of everything we do


Our customer-centric approach ensures we always deliver beyond our clients’ expectations.


A world-class solution for world-class players.


We stand up for our principles and make bold decisions to benefit our customers and society.


We adhere to high moral and ethical principles.

Social impact A solution with purpose and impact in emerging economies

Driving development forward.

The same features that make the ECO Solution economically compelling for mature economies and big companies also apply to emerging economies, which can benefit from ECO Solutions delivered by affiliated regional, commercially-run financing and trading platforms.

Inclusive: ECO Solutions could be designed for emerging economies, with stakeholder and partner support, to help energy and mineral resource-rich but credit-poor countries to acquire, at lower cost and with greater control, the technology and abilities to secure maximum developmental returns from these resources.

Equitable: ECO Solutions could also help small farmers in Africa and Asia become equitably integrated into commercial agricultural supply chains generating investable surpluses and high developmental impacts, as well as increasing private sector investment in key development corridor infrastructure.

Unleashing value: Of particular strategic importance to the governments of credit-constrained emerging economies and their companies, large and small, the ECO Solution allows access to and control over very low cost finance, creates new trading opportunities, and accelerates their realisation of the full value of otherwise illiquid natural resources and productive assets. ECO Solution is democratising money, liberating trade for social impact.

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