01 Generate incremental revenue


A Global Media Company (GMC) has stagnating sales revenues due to high penetration and increased competition in traditional markets. Their business strategy includes growing digital media revenues but they are having difficulty gaining traction despite having some highly innovative products. Whilst there is a clear interest in their offerings, it has proven difficult to translate into sales.



GMC becomes a member of the ECO Capacity Exchange and obtains access to Exchange members with ECO balances in their account, representing a potential source of demand for incremental media sales. One Exchange member (ABC Tech), wishes to run a new global advertising campaign but is unable to fund the campaign due to marketing budget constraints.  ABC Tech is, however, able and willing to purchase digital advertising from GMC if they can pay with ECO they earned recently by selling computers. The ECE Client Success team broker a meeting with GMC and ABC Tech where ECO pricing for the campaign and commercial terms and conditions are agreed.



GMC generates incremental sales revenues from an ECO member who would have otherwise been budget constrained.  GMC obtains new, higher margin, digital advertising sales. ABC Tech is able to launch a new marketing campaign by utilising ECO where a cash budget was unavailable.